Beta Pi Epsilon: Not Just a Fraternity, But a Community

Being a senior now at Carroll University and a member of greek life, I feel like I have truly gotten the best possible experience that Carroll has to offer. Pledging fall of my freshman year, not just my sorority, but greek life as a whole has played a prominent role in my life for the past four years. Unfortunately, Carroll is not the giant university that most state schools are, and we have a greek system to match. We lost a sorority the year before I came here, leaving us with three sororities and two fraternities. This year we were fortunate enough to gain another fraternity, and our tiny community got a little bit bigger. This year has been a great year here for us at Carroll, but unfortunately our accomplishments are feeling overshadowed by the fact that one of our own is no longer welcome on campus. 

As a freshman at Carroll, Beta Pi Epsilon was the first greek organization that I encountered. They are an extremely outgoing group of men who gave me such a positive outlook on greek life, and this impression never faded. Every campus or greek life event that has Betas in attendance is bound to be successful. Their attitudes have always made me see the good in situations; even the disaster my sophomore year that was the House of Organizations (an attempt by Student Senate to get a representative from each org together for weekly meetings). I was the unlucky Alpha Gam representative, and I always sat next to the unlucky Beta representative. Such a small gesture; but he always made the meetings worth coming to. Its the little things that the Betas do that make you smile. They tried to teach me how to bowl, and were unsuccessful, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I can recall several occasions of being serenaded the song “Stacy’s Mom” at their house. Carroll is just not ‘Carroll’ without Beta Pi Epsilon. And I refuse to accept the thought that upcoming students will not receive the same experience that I had because of this group of men.

Beta Pi Epsilon fraternity is one of the oldest local fraternities in the country that is still standing (established in 1906). There is a reason for this; they have contributed more the the community than  any of us even realize. This year alone they have participated in Adopt-a-Highway, tutoring at La Casa de Esperanza (a local Waukesha center for the Hispanic community), volunteered at the Waukesha Women’s Center, helped with fundraisers and projects at a local church, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, and the list doesn’t even end here. The Betas put the Waukesha community first. On Carroll’s campus they also have a powerful presence by being extremely supportive of other organizations and  at least as long as I have been here they have promoted “Dump-Your-Stuff” during move out at the end of each year. As students pack up and clean their rooms at the end of the school year, all gently used items or unopened food that they do not want to keep can be donated rather than thrown away at designated spots on each floor. Everything that is donated (and every year people donate massive amounts of stuff) goes towards five different charities, including the Salvation Army, Food Pantry and Women’s Center. The good that these men have done on campus goes above and beyond what is expected of campus organizations.

Greek life at Carroll has been making an effort in recent years to grow, and we have achieved that. The sororities have raised total, we gained a new organization. But what is gained by excluding one of our own? Us as a community are not benefiting by losing the Betas. I only hope that Carroll can realize all the good that Beta does before its too late. The Betas are at the core of our Greek Community. They should not have to justify their right to stay at Carroll. Their impressive list of accomplishments speaks for itself. They are not simply another organization on campus; they are a part of the Greek Community, they belong at Carroll, and nobody is letting them go.


If you also support Beta Pi Epsilon, please leave a comment.

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